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Ruby on Rails experts

Using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and HTML5, we've been crafting apps for the web for over 10 years!


Since 2006, we've worked with companies big and small to bring their business concepts to the web world.

Our team of expert Ruby on Rails developers delivers fault-tolerant, maintainable, pretty-looking piece of software, on time and within budget.

Ruby on Rails

Using the Ruby on Rails we are able to deliver secure, stable products to market on time and budget.

And yes, we know Rails well - we've been busy building Ruby on Rails apps for over 10 years for clients around the globe.


We believe our key strength is our unique product development process.

We support our clients from the inception phase up to the last mile - starting from research & strategy, prototyping, through development in short iterations and helping them to grow by monitoring products we release and making use of the data.

Code Quality

We put strong attention to code quality that we deliver - we keep our code clean and organized, we follow best Ruby on Rails practices and keep our test coverage high. Code reviews, pair-programming, quality assurance, continuous integration, continuous delivery, exceptions monitoring are natural elements of our development process.


We’re no strangers to other tools and technologies, which help use build modern and bulletproof web applications:

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    on Rails
  • postgres
  • node.js

Ready for a big project?

Our best work gets done when we work closely with you. We believe our partner should be involved in a project at every stage - from the inception up until last mile.