Web development

Web development

Fast & stable, scalable and secure web applications

We build bulletproof web applications, using open source technologies such as, among others, Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and React. Our key strength is our product development process, which, at the end of the day, delivers high-quality, fault-tolerant software.

Front-end Development

Front-end Development

Design that works exactly right, coded into responsive front-end interfaces

Perfectly coded user interface is one of the most important components of succesful and engaging modern software. With pixel-perfect approach, we will code graphic designs using HTML, CSS and Javascript, into rich, responsive, accessible, fast, secure and SEO optimized user interfaces. With help of modern Javascript frameworks, like React and Ember, we will make most complex interfaces work perfectly on any device - consistent and rich interaction-wise.

  • Accessibility
  • SEO optimization
  • End to End Tests
  • Speed and Performance
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Reusable components
  • Single Page Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
Back-end Development

Back-end Development

Flexible and scalable, high available, cloud-native back-end systems

Flexible and scalable back-end is the core of your product. We will support your digital product with bullet-proof, reliable and secure back-end system. Thanks to the best modern technologies and frameworks we use, it will be flexible, scalable, and high available - exceeding the strongest requirements. Ruby is a battle-tested language offering simplicity and productivity - with Ruby on Rails it's perfect for fast prototyping and efficient development of robust web applications. Python is perfect for web development services - a powerful technology used by companies of any size. We craft code that is clean, tested and extensible, which, at the end of the day, quarantees that delivered back-end system is of the highest quality, fault-tolerant, scalable and maintanable.

  • Rest API, GraphQL API
  • Fast and scalable
  • DevOps
  • High quality, test coverage
  • Bug-free and cost-efficiency
  • Reliable and secure
  • No technical debt
  • Detailed documentation
Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

Modern web applications, that work on any device

By taking the advantage of the latest web technologies, Progressive Web App gives you a unique opportunity to add seamless multi-device and cross-platform user experience to your modern web application. Using progressive enhancement we will add capabilities to your web application to extend its functionalities and provide fully-functional platform-specific experience. PWA can be extended with native app features such as service workers for offline support, camera access, push notifications, geolocation, accelerometer and more.

  • React PWA Library
  • Capable, reliable, installable, engaging
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Seamless multi-device and cross-platform user experience
  • Short time to market
Cloud deployment

Cloud deployment

Scalable and secure infrastructure in the cloud

Flexible and scalable systems require stable and secure infrastructure and server environments. Whether on-premise or cloud-based using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, we will support your digital product with professionally configured cloud environments - allowing 24/7 continuity of the service, security, continuous integration and delivery. With Infinite Loop's cloud native development expertise you will accelerate your software delivery and reduce costs.

Amazon Web Services
  • DevOps Culture
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Container orchestration
  • Scalability and security
  • Maintenance and monitoring

Our clients

Trusted by world-class companies

Clients hire us to solve their problems, optimize processes or develop new, powerful methods to address old issues.

  • Modalyst
  • Sabre
  • Audible
  • Tripcase
  • Riverflex
  • Jeronimo Martins image/svg+xml
  • Hektar Nektar
  • Hebe
  • Edumaster
  • Audible

    Having worked with Infinite Loop for 2+ years, I not only feel intrigued by their relentless approach to applying agile practices throughout their development work, but also by their tremendous commitment to going beyond the expected. As a result, our partners of Infinite Loop provided a constant source of inspiration and enriched our thinking about how to properly develop a future-oriented website.

  • Hebe

    Infinite Loop has proved to be a professional web development and digital strategy team focused on delivering high quality work and always ready to share their insights and knowledge to implement best possible digital solutions for our business.

  • Audible

    Working with Infinite loop is a real pleasure and their agile development approach helped us to develop our ideas for products and prototypes based on our specifications really fast. They meet high standards regarding the usage of new technologies and collaboration tools to make offshore work easy. As well they have driven the user interface design and the technical implementation to be cutting edge with their really pragmatic approach and new usability ideas.

  • Hebe

    It is a distinct pleasure to work with Infinite Loop and we confidently recommend them as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Our Process

Unique product development process

The key word is passion! Beyond that, you simply have to know how to structure, design and prioritize. Our key advantage is our unique product development process. At the end of the day, what matters to our customers is to get high-quality, imaginative, fault-tolerant software. And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

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